What is Public Relations?

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Eiler PR, A Michigan Public Relations Agency

Eiler PR is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based public relations agency serving the Midwest. Our sweet spot is emerging companies in the $1 to $100 million revenue range in high tech, financial services, biotech and healthcare. These are usually privately held firms that must carefully target their marketing to gain the best return on investment.

About Eiler PR's Services

Any business runs on a value proposition that benefits its customers. We help you define that value, then communicate it to the people who matter — customers, prospects, influencers. We engage the people you must reach by driving your business's workings to their best performance by encompassing all communications into crisp, focused, relevant PR messages that convey your business's products and services.

About Public Relations

"PR" propels business success.

PR is the most credible communication method to influence buyers and inform constituents. It typically provides the best return-on-investment of all marketing methods. It is believable, highly credible because information appears in third-party media and is authored by journalists who seek sound news to report.