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Staff Vitae

JoAnn L. Atkin, Ph.D. is on faculty of Western Michigan University. She holds a PhD from Michigan State, MBA and Bachelors degrees in Marketing from Wayne State University. Her experience encompasses planning and implementing broadcast and print advertising strategies for regional retailers; retail sales management; and planning and implementing both qualitative and quantitative consumer research studies related to marketing/advertising strategies and consumer behavior. Most recently, her primary responsibilities in industry included: analyzing, interpreting and reporting results of direct marketing programs; conducting secondary research; and, developing and coordinating primary research activities for the following clients: Daimler Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, Health Alliance Plan of Michigan, General Motors Corporation, and Pfizer.

Katie Joly, intern, is entering the final semester of her graduate program at the University of Michigan this fall. She is obtaining her master’s degree in Sport Management. Before coming to Eiler, Katie interned with several sport organizations including the USA Hockey National Development Team Program, Gordon College athletic department, and the University of Vermont athletic department. Currently, she is a content contributor to a sports website and teaches a variety of fitness classes at the University of Michigan. Upon graduation in 2013, Katie plans to pursue a career in public relations for a college athletic program or a professional sport organization, making the experience at Eiler invaluable.

“It was my pleasure to team up with Larry Eiler and his crew on projects for several organizations. We found it easy to merge Eiler Communications' expertise with our own specialties to deliver complete solutions. Larry is an exceptionally good collaborator, working both directly with the client and in tandem with business partners, in tackling a marketing challenge.”

Chris Kochmanski, Owner, DesignHub, Inc.

“Larry runs one of the best technology PR firms in the country. He's one of the most capable PR executives I've ever worked with and has a demonstrated track record of accomplishment for his clients. Larry and his team understand that effective PR means more than writing a strong press release. I've known Larry for more than 20 years and have had the good fortune to have hired his firm for two different companies where I ran communications. Given the opportunity, I'd do so again.”

Dan Jankowski