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Public Relations
Corporate Communications

High-Level Corporate Communications

Do you need coaching to speak before an important audience? To meet with press or analysts?

Are you prepared for a crisis that may involve your business and its products or people?

Do you know how to differentiate investor and corporate communications from product and marketing communications?

Do you know who you are communicating to? It is not “the general public” because there are always segments more relevant than this mass.

Companies have a need to relate corporate information by targeting who they must reach.

For ABN AMRO Mortgage, Silver Cube, Unison Software and many other emerging businesses, we trained executives how to speak and practiced with them to insure they did not “clutch up” in front of an important audience.

For JP Industries, we developed corporate communications aimed at original equipment manufacturers – big car companies that made bodies, chassis and frames.

For JP Enterprises, we developed communications aimed at automotive aftermarket customers. It made products sold through auto supply houses and used by car owners to replace gaskets, insert new mats and add mirrors. Vastly different from OEMs and the need to relate different information.

For Machine Vision, Network Express, Diffracto and a host of other emerging technology firms, we wrote annual reports and other investor communications.

Public relations communications always need to answer one simple question:

Who are we trying to reach and what do we want them to know?

Emerging Business
"Innovation Marketing Kit"™
How will it help me sell?

The number one reason technology companies fail is absence of effective marketing.

Sixty-two percent of all new successful product innovations come from customer needs and suggestions. These statistics from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business underscore an issue people seem to get – but do not heed.

It is this: a key for success with an emerging tech business is marketing and close customer relationships.

Questions abound. Who will buy it? Who will pay for the product or service? How does it differ from similar products? What does it offer that others do not?

Our “Innovative Marketing” kit is for emerging and high-growth companies that realize they need to tend to marketing and communications just as any other discipline of business, but do not know how to do it. It provides important business marketing tactics.

The basic program includes these deliverables:

  • Positioning formula
  • Audience Analysis
  • Main Messages
  • Product or Service Description
  • Backgrounder
  • FAQ

The Expanded Model includes the above plus:

  • Announcement release
  • Biographies of management
  • Target Media
  • Capabilities Brochure
  • “Infrastructure” Relationships

The innovative marketing kit helps you sell because it explains and targets your marketing, teaching you effective business marketing tactics and allowing you to reach customers efficiently and effectively.

Business Speaker Training
How will it help me sell?

Our “Impact Messaging™” is a helpful training practice, providing tips for business speakers who are not accustomed to public speaking, or who may be experienced but need to refine their approach.

Public speaking is critical to the awareness and image of any business or business leader. It is unwise to appear before any group without sound preparation. You should list likely questions. Practice answers both for content and delivery. Read your speech aloud, or practice responding to questions of an interviewer – before the actual speech or interview.

Many people get in front of groups and “clutch up” for it is not easy to go before an audience of 25 to a few hundred people. They have little or no experience in public speaking for business groups.

The primary mission for any speaker is to practice and be prepared for audience reaction – no matter if it is good or bad.

The challenge for any speaker is to avoid boring, repetitive or irrelevant information but rather to come across with creative ideas and information that resonates with an audience.

Business speakers need to prepare by anticipating questions, having thoughtful answers, not mere ad hoc or off-the-cuff replies. This is all part of our “Impact Messaging™” speaker training program.

“Eiler was remarkably helpful through its video taping and guidance and I am now able to speak well in front of any group because I know how to prepare and practice.”

— CEO of a new media marketing company

"The media and analyst training program for three executives of my business was invaluable to our presentation capabilities and provided excellent hands-on experience in making presentations to important people. We spent the better part of two days getting educated on presentation techniques and the learning experience is used constantly as we work with media, investors and analysts."

— CEO of an emerging technology business

Business speaker training helps you sell by making you an effective spokesman for your business, products and “story.”

Investor Relations Services
How will it help me sell?

We have done upwards of 50 annual reports plus hundreds of quarterly reports, letters to shareholders and related investor communications required by the SEC.

We can do such reports through the entire process from design concept to photography, writing, printing and distribution. Or, we can provide some parts of those needs such as writing and design/production.

Over the years, our work in this area has included annual reports for a number of emerging companies in the early and middle stages, including Unison Software, Machine Vision International, Network Express, J. P. Industries, Comshare, J. P. Enterprises, JDS Uniphase, Prestolite Electric and Unisys Financial.

Our work in this area also includes counseling with senior managements on contents of reports, the proper tone and emphasis of speeches and other investor communications services. We’ve written letters to investors, and dealt with analysts and markets-makers to determine the information needs of shareholders and institution investors.

Investor relations services help you sell by understanding the investor mentality and providing communications that build credibility by spreading information properly.

Business Crisis Management
How will it help me sell?

Crises often occur in the business and it is prudent to anticipate and plan for how to handle such events when they arise. This preparation means you will not be beholden to ad hoc reaction.

You need to plan for the unexpected – a rumor, product failure, security problem, fire, theft, death, accident, disgruntled employees, an e-mail campaign by unhappy customers or others.

You need a “zero tolerance for surprises” policy and a plan that prepares key people for any eventuality.

What is the nature of the problem? How do you intend to tell employees, families, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and the community at large? How will you work with media either locally, in the region or nationally? Who will be the spokesperson? What is the command chain for approval to make announcements?

Our “Plan for the Unexpected™” program is a guideline to drive you to a business crisis recovery plan.

The benefits of this plan are uninterrupted business growth and activity and cost avoidance of financial resources and people’s time to resolve an issue rather than running the business.

Business crisis management may not help you sell, but it certainly averts the diversion of resources to a crisis and allows normal continuance of business.

“Larry was head of Marketing at Machine Vision International when I was there. We also used his services while I was at Network Express. I learned a lot about marketing working with him; valuable lessons that I carry with me to this day about successful PR, messaging, branding, and strategic product marketing. He is a high-energy, aggressive, team player that delivers high-impact results.”

Randy Sisto, Account Manager, Machine Vision International