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Strategic Media Relations Services
How will it help me sell?

Ever read about a competitor in a newspaper or magazine and wonder why your company isn’t receiving media attention?

Or, worse yet, read an unfavorable or inaccurate article about your company??

Strategic media relations is a key component of effective public relations. Eiler Communications specializes in media relations services: Reaching the right media outlets—specific writers and editors—with the right message at the right time.

  • When ABN AMRO Mortgage Group wanted to leverage media communications to maximize attention for a new product launch, Eiler PR coordinated media briefings with key reporters and editors in trade publications as well as consumer media outlets, including the Washington Post and USA Today. The result of Eiler’s work was considerable media coverage of the new product launch that continued after the initial buzz died down. Eiler’s media relations services helped create a leadership persona for ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, credibility that other forms of marketing simply can’t deliver.

  • Eiler Communications used strategic media relations to establish the Ann Arbor IT Zone as the area’s only source for technology news and business development. At its inception, the Ann Arbor IT Zone struggled to stand out in a competitive market; to succeed, the Ann Arbor IT Zone needed to not only attract interest in its programs, but differentiate itself from competition—well-established and well-known organizations, such as local Chambers of Commerce. Eiler coordinated media briefings for the IT Zone’s leadership and delivered to local media consistent, interesting news from the Zone that helped the organization develop a brand and maintain visibility, ultimately contributing to the Ann Arbor IT Zone’s growth and viability.
    Strategic media relations can drive interest about your company, not only in media outlets, but with your customers and business partners, too. Visibility in media outlets, like trade journals and newspapers, helps keep you top-of-mind and supports your company’s market leadership.

Let us show you how media relations can help drive your business forward.

Strategic media relations raises awareness of your company, its products, and its services with customers and business partners, creating a leadership persona that piques interest and helps your company sell.

How will it help me sell?

A news release is the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of an announcement. It is important because it conveys information that can have interest to media. It will help you sell by spreading information to people who are likely buyers of your product.

A press release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media to announce something deemed newsworthy. Typically, it is e-mailed, faxed or mailed to a writer or editor at newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and/or television or radio networks. A press release is placed on a web site and serves as a constant bit of information when the site is searched.

Well-written news releases can increase your sales, expose your company to people you target and enhance the image and awareness of your business and products. Examples of poorly written and well written press releases are at this link: www.eilerpr.com/professional-writing.htm.

The availability of new electronic media to reach a target group means the best way to send information is no longer by a printed and mailed release except for public companies where simultaneous disclosure is required.

Press releases help you sell by creating broad awareness of your business and products.

Editorial Opportunities
How will it help me sell?

Topics that will be covered in your industry’s most important trade publication are planned annually, so writers at these publications know that, for instance, in July, they’ve got to fill their publication with articles related to a planned, specific topic. These editorial calendars provide PR pros with editorial opportunities that can serve as an excellent tool for telling a client’s story.

Using an in-house system to monitor and track various publications’ editorial calendars, Eiler Communications can find the perfect opportunities to get your company in front of key writers and reporters.

* Through its research and planning, Eiler Communications discovered that a key trade publication for NuStep, Inc. was planning a story related to cardiac rehabilitation in an upcoming issue. Eiler was able to pitch the publication’s editor a story related to NuStep’s usefulness in cardiac care, piquing their interest and meeting their needs in a thoughtful, timely manner. The result: NuStep was favorably covered in a key trade publication that is read by physical therapists, the company’s most influential customer base.

Editorial opportunities allow Eiler Communications to provide media outlets with information they need for planned, upcoming stories. Editorial opportunities generate ink by providing editors and writers with messages at the time they need this information the most.

Editorial opportunities leverage your expertise and keeps your company visible in key target media outlets, generating the interest and raising the awareness that drive sales.

Social Media Marketing
How will it help me sell?

Answer: By driving traffic to your website and creating awareness.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about promoting your website and business through social media channels.  It is a powerful strategy that allows your business to get quality links, visibility and gain traffic.  SMM allows you to create brand identity, generate feedback from customers and to position your company as an expert in the field. Eiler Communications can help you accomplish all of these goals using applications such as LinkedIn, YouTube, SEO, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and other forms of social media listed below. 

SMM provides greater accountability in direct and brand marketing campaigns on the Internet.  Clients are better able to measure their return on investment with social media than with traditional forms of marketing.  For this reason, companies have invested significant amounts of their budgets in social media. This growth trend will continue as more marketers find interactive is becoming imperative.

Here are some forms of SMM

Blogs function as online newsletters; entries contain commentary, a search facility, images and links to other web sites.  Most blogs invite feedback and comments from visitors usually focusing on a topic and are displayed in chronological order.  The "blogosphere," the world of blogs, has become a recognized forum of public expression. Technorati estimates 112.8 million blogs exist.

Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. There are 175 million members of Facebook and they use it to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing forms of SMM. Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. It allows people to send public or private messages in 140 characters or less via the web or mobile phone. It can allow you to reach thousands in a matter of seconds.

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. Video has become the fastest and most used form of SMM.

Google AdWords is Google’ s flagship search advertising product and main source of revenue. AdWords offers pay-per-click advertising and site targeting advertising for both text and banner ads.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving ranking in search engine results. Search terms that customers would use to think of you are inserted into the copy on your website. The goal is to be on page one.

Podcasts are audio broadcasts that have been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback on a digital music player. Podcasting is not just for ongoing broadcasts. Rather the term is used for recording anything and everything to be played back on a digital player. Podcasts are available for downloading.

Videoconferencing is a realtime video session between two or more companies or between two or more locations.  Videoconferencing is convenient for international companies to perform business meetings and sessions over the web.

Social Media Marketing helps you sell by reaching target groups of buyers more effectively and meeting their desire for “instant gratification.”

Business Press Release Services
How will it help me sell?

Journalists at major business publications, television and radio outlets, and increasingly, in new media news organizations, generally cover specific “beats” and are assigned to uncover, and cover, stories within their beat.

Eiler Communications’ team of media relations experts can find the reporters that cover your company’s beat and attract their attention.

Finding the right reporter can seem straight forward… until you review a media outlet’s editorial staff and discover that there are five reporters who cover health care. Which of the five is the best person to reach with your story?

Reaching the right reporter is the best way to ensure coverage for your company. Through Eiler Communications’ press release services, you will get the most media coverage for your company.

Eiler Communications can help determine the best reporter with whom to share your press release. For instance, some reporters are syndicated, meaning their articles appear in newspapers across the country. Securing an interview and subsequent story placement with a syndicated reporter is a time and cost-effective way to have your story splashed across a wide variety of media outlets.

Eiler Communications’ expertise is rooted in its ability to help maximize your exposure and reach by effectively utilizing media and developing relationships with key writers who matter in your market.

By finding the best reporter to tell your story, Eiler Communication’s press release services increase sales by reaching potential customers and business partners with your story—a story Eiler Communications can help you tell in the most effective and compelling way possible.

Research analysts
How will it help me sell?

When an impartial expert validates your company’s viability in the market, and supports the need for your company’s product or service, the importance of credibility becomes clear.

The sell cycle shifts from push to pull as your customers realize that you are the answer they’re seeking.

Research analysts provide this impartial, invaluable credibility. This credibility translates to an elevated position in the market, putting you one step closer further from “sell” to “sale.”

* Eiler Communications connected ABN AMRO Mortgage Group with an important industry analyst for a briefing on the state of the mortgage market and, more specifically, the future uses of technology in the industry. The result of the initial meeting was inclusion of a quote from one of AAMG’s key executives in the analyst’s “state of the market” report as well as several important key points AAMG considered integral to its strategic position within the market. Long term, this analyst continued to rely on AAMG’s regular briefings as a trusted source of information on the market. As a result, AAMG is routinely included in this analyst’s briefings and is often used as a successful case study when he addresses large conferences or conventions.

Eiler Communications helps its clients reach the right analysts for briefings, and helps our clients know the key messages to convey while briefing analysts. In almost all industries, but especially biotechnology, financial services and information technology, analysts play an important role in validating market trends and players.

Research analyst services aren’t right for every company, but for those companies where analysts can boost credibility and visibility, expertise and experience like Eiler Communications’ can make a critical difference.

Selling story ideas
How will it help me sell?

Selling the idea of writing a story on your company to a journalist, known to PR pros as “pitching” the story, requires the same expertise as selling your company’s product or service.

Successful story pitching, “selling” your story, involves an acute understanding of media outlets, the stories they cover, the “tone” those stories assume and, well, the ability to make even the most technical story palatable.

Many public relations practitioners assume that knowing the media side of the pitching relationship is the most integral piece of the puzzle. At Eiler, we believe knowing your story, being part of your team, being able to talk about you and your company like it was our own, is of critical importance to a successful pitch.

We focus not only on what media are covering and the best stories to pique their interests, but also the most strategic ways to tell your story. So what you see in print is what you’d tell a potential customer. And what a reporter hears from you is the story they’re interested in writing.

Because the success of your company relies on more than one sale, at Eiler Communications, pitching a story is more than that one article placement. Pitching a story is opening the door to a long-term relationship where our clients become trusted media sources.

Eiler Communications’ media relations expertise enables us to effectively “sell” your story to target media outlets, increasing your name recognition with potential customers and helping you sell your product and services.

Business Awards
How will it help me sell?

The Oscars®.

The Grammys®.

Crain’s 40 Under 40?

Sure, some business awards are better-known than others, but the awards that are important for your industry are as critical to your success as an Oscar win would be for an actor.

Eiler Communications works hard to determine the right business awards for your company to win-- and helps you win them. We’ve helped our clients win a variety of business awards, including Crain’s Detroit Business “40 Under 40,” Inc. “Top 100,” Mortgage Technology “Top 100,” and Mortgage Banking “Technology All Stars,” just to name a few.

And really, who can’t use something shiny and new for their conference room?

Business awards help companies sell by boosting morale, generating buzz and increasing visibility.

Speaking forums
How will it help me sell?

Eiler Communications helps its clients leverage tradeshow exposure in several ways, including speaking engagements.

Speaking engagements help boost a company’s visibility and firmly establish its leadership and spokespersons as experts with their industry.

Eiler’s clients have given keynote presentations at important conferences and conventions, participated in panel discussions, and on media roundtables.

* For ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, Eiler Communications secured speaking engagements for key executives in order to help the company raise awareness of important industry reform that was pending in government. Additionally, Eiler Communications coordinated on-site media briefings that furthered ABN AMRO Mortgage Group’s goal of increased awareness of this reform. The result was the creation of industry dialogue surrounding the reform where ABN AMRO Mortgage Group’s position was favorably and widely represented.

In addition to tradeshows, Eiler helps it clients become more visible in their communities by securing speaking engagements at local Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs and similar organizations. By helping clients be more visible in their communities, Eiler Communications helps its clients achieve a leadership persona, ultimately helping attract and retain top talent and be an influencer locally.

For its clients, Eiler recommends appropriate speaking venues, secures speaking engagements, and also covers the little details that matter, like writing a client’s speech and inviting media to cover it.

Eiler uses its expertise to maximize a client’s tradeshow experience.

Speaking forums help Eiler Communications’ clients sell by helping them become more visible in local communities and within target organizations, ultimately reinforcing leadership and expertise with current and potential customers as well as business partners and industry influencers.

Tradeshow Marketing Services: Tradeshow Press
How will it help me sell?

Most business owners know that tradeshows offer invaluable exposure for their products and services. Most businesses maximize the return-on-investment for tradeshow activities by purchasing an exhibition booth and sending key sales staff to “work” the tradeshow floor.

These traditional tradeshow activities are key to strategic marketing, but miss the big picture. Imagine the return-on-investment a tradeshow can provide through the long-term exposure that can be generated through media outreach.

Eiler Communications provides clients with tradeshow marketing services by securing media briefings with key trade journalists attending tradeshows. We secure media briefings, prepare executives for the media briefings, even hold press conferences as part of the tradeshow—all to help our clients increase visibility and maximize their return-on-investment.

  • For NuStep, Inc., Eiler coordinated media briefings at a tradeshow aimed at physical therapists—an important target market for the company. NuStep’s key stakeholders met with media attending the tradeshow and briefed them on the company’s performance as well as general market trends, resulting in numerous media impressions following the tradeshow. Most importantly, these media impressions were favorable mentions of NuStep in trade journals and magazines widely-read by those in its target market.

  • For ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, Eiler planned a press conference at an important tradeshow for mortgage brokers, a key constituency for the company. The press conference announced a new product; reporters at the press conference were given materials on the company and product, competitive analysis information and a product demo, all to help them write a balanced and fair story. The result: ABN AMRO Mortgage Group’s new product was heralded as cutting-edge, demonstrative of the company’s market leadership—for several weeks after the tradeshow ended.

Eiler Communications helps its clients truly maximize their tradeshow dollars by gaining exposure on the tradeshow floor as well as on panel discussions, as keynote speakers, and with media who are covering the event.

Effective public relations maximizes your marketing investment.

Tradeshow marketing services allow you to tell your company story to targeted trade journalists, generating “ink” that drives recognition and credibility.

“Larry has an real passion for his own, as well as his services' continuous improvement. A creative thinker, he has developed a discipline of optimizing his company's PR services to anticipate and adapt his services to exploit the continuous evolution of communication media. This allows Eiler Commununications to provide PR that is relevant and that reaches target audiences through the channels they actually rely on.”

Joe Marr, Owner, Marr Professional Development Corp.