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Top-Notch Writing

Do you have a statement you can make about your business in the few seconds an elevator goes up three floors? An elevator pitch?

Do you paraphrase when you write?

Repeat thoughts over in other words?

Separate verbs from subjects so far the sentences are hard to understand?

Write too long?

Writing right does not just happen.

Good writing is the result of writing, rewriting, focusing on key messages.

There is no one way to write right, but here are some tips:

First, get the content.

Next, determine whom you are writing for and what you want them to know.

Make a plan for the order in which you will state the information.

Get all content down on paper, then organize it into logical order.

A well-written sentence is short, conveys a point clearly and succinctly, and ends.

Remember that the essence of good writing is rewriting.

How will it help me sell?

A news release is the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of an announcement. It is important because it conveys information that can have interest to media. It will help you sell by spreading information to people who are likely buyers of your product.

A press release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media to announce something deemed newsworthy. Typically, it is e-mailed, faxed or mailed to a writer or editor at newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and/or television or radio networks. A press release is placed on a web site and serves as a constant bit of information when the site is searched.

Well-written news releases can increase your sales, expose your company to people you target and enhance the image and awareness of your business and products. Examples of poorly written and well written press releases are at this link: www.eilerpr.com/professional-writing.htm.

The availability of new electronic media to reach a target group means the best way to send information is no longer by a printed and mailed release except for public companies where simultaneous disclosure is required.

Press releases help you sell by creating broad awareness of your business and products.

Social Media Marketing
How will it help me sell?

Answer: By driving traffic to your website and creating awareness.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about promoting your website and business through social media channels.  It is a powerful strategy that allows your business to get quality links, visibility and gain traffic.  SMM allows you to create brand identity, generate feedback from customers and to position your company as an expert in the field. Eiler Communications can help you accomplish all of these goals using applications such as LinkedIn, YouTube, SEO, Facebook, Digg, Twitter and other forms of social media listed below. 

SMM provides greater accountability in direct and brand marketing campaigns on the Internet.  Clients are better able to measure their return on investment with social media than with traditional forms of marketing.  For this reason, companies have invested significant amounts of their budgets in social media. This growth trend will continue as more marketers find interactive is becoming imperative.

Here are some forms of SMM

Blogs function as online newsletters; entries contain commentary, a search facility, images and links to other web sites.  Most blogs invite feedback and comments from visitors usually focusing on a topic and are displayed in chronological order.  The "blogosphere," the world of blogs, has become a recognized forum of public expression. Technorati estimates 112.8 million blogs exist.

Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. There are 175 million members of Facebook and they use it to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

Twitter is one of the fastest growing forms of SMM. Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. It allows people to send public or private messages in 140 characters or less via the web or mobile phone. It can allow you to reach thousands in a matter of seconds.

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. Video has become the fastest and most used form of SMM.

Google AdWords is Google’ s flagship search advertising product and main source of revenue. AdWords offers pay-per-click advertising and site targeting advertising for both text and banner ads.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving ranking in search engine results. Search terms that customers would use to think of you are inserted into the copy on your website. The goal is to be on page one.

Podcasts are audio broadcasts that have been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback on a digital music player. Podcasting is not just for ongoing broadcasts. Rather the term is used for recording anything and everything to be played back on a digital player. Podcasts are available for downloading.

Videoconferencing is a realtime video session between two or more companies or between two or more locations.  Videoconferencing is convenient for international companies to perform business meetings and sessions over the web.

Social Media Marketing helps you sell by reaching target groups of buyers more effectively and meeting their desire for “instant gratification.”

Case Studies
How will it help me sell?

We have done more than 1,000 such pieces that outline the problem someone had, the solution provided by our client and the results after use of our client’s product for some period of time.

Writing case studies for public relations is an old, tried and true method to get across through a user the benefits and attributes of a product without making undue claims of being too boastful.

A standout example of our work in this area was the Unisys “PMIP™” program. Called the “Product Marketing Information Program,” this two-part activity focused on developing and placing articles and speakers for Unisys. Articles were case studies of how customers used the firm’s 4GL software and related products while marketing and technical experts spoke at significant software and user forums around the nation.

We developed and published 62 case studies in key trade magazines and placed 16 speakers in forums important to Unisys

This type of story has been used to convey knowledge of a broad range of emerging businesses in IT, biotech, financial services and healthcare.

Public relations case studies help you sell by giving precise examples of how your products work in the real world.

Bylined Articles
How will it help me sell?

Executives of specialists in any business can be positioned as experts in their area of work through placement of bylined articles in publications that reach the people who influence use of your products. Bylined articles help companies achieve better market positioning.

We have done 75 such pieces, as a market positioning strategy, that have appeared in a variety of trade, business and general media.

The primary benefit of bylined articles to the company is the appearance of the writer as an expert in the topic and the identification of the company as important in the field.

Here are some samples of our work:

“The Rebirth of mortgage.com” for the senior online marketing executive of ABN AMRO’s mortgage.com unit after ABN acquired the mortgage.com name. Published in Mortgage Banking.

“What is This Brand Called Ann Arbor” (also a speech) for an economic development executive. Published in Midwest Business.

“10 Tips for Programmers to Debug Software” for the CEO of XA Systems, a debugging tools company whose primary audience was programmers responsible to debug software. Published in Software magazine.

These help you sell by showing how a byliner can tell a story effectively to potential buyers and by improving market position

Newsletter Services
How will it help me sell?

Newsletters are provided to a well-defined and targeted audience of people and groups interested in your business. They may be corporate or product oriented, or both, and they can be done easily and inexpensively via e-mail, or printed and mailed. Using newsletters for business promotion is important because you can target specific audiences and people who matter to your business and communicate with them in an effective, highly efficient manner.

This database marketing firm serves clients across the nation. One large customer base is tire dealers in all 50 states. Typically, the dealers operate one store in an area of perhaps a 25 mile radius of residential and business customers who come to the retail outlet for tire services, oil and lubrication services or related car-care services and products.

To maintain this base of business on a repeat basis, we provide a printed newsletter service for the dealers with advice on how to get and maintain repeat business – a tough thing to achieve when there are numerous car-care centers in a given market area.

These tips include “direct to customer marketing” tips on how the dealers can maintain contact with customers periodically, advise them of tire-change and “service needed” warnings. The newsletters are sent directly to dealers since most of them do not have PCs or e-mail capability and have only billing and inventory information systems.

This direct marketing provides a return on investment estimated to be six times that of advertising – and at vastly less cost.

View Sample InfoLab Newsletters:
Winter 2006
Fall 2005

Michigan Venture Capital Association
We provide a quarterly newsletter for promoting new developments in investment deals made by the state’s venture firms and related information that gives members up-to-date information on what is going on in investments across the state and Midwest. We do feature reports, VC activities and developments.

The target audience is legislators, entrepreneurs, national VC’s, limited partners and service providers. Each newsletter contains articles on a featured fund, VC-backed company, limited partner, CEO interview. Each issue also contains current information on angel and VC deals and an events calendar.

View Sample MVCA Newsletters:
January 2006
November 2005

We provide monthly e-mail newsletter services. The newsletters contain stories about NuStep recumbent cross-trainer products – success stories of how individuals and various physical training and therapy groups help their constituents with this method of exercise.

View Sample NuStep Newsletters:
Spring 2006
Winter 2006

Promotional newsletters help you sell by telling stories and providing useful information about your business to target buyers.

How will it help me sell?

Talks to be given before any audience of significance require research, drafting and practice before being delivered.

Eiler PR offers public relations speech writing services, specializing in talks for business, community and executive audiences where the speaker must have one of two forms of a talk:

  1. Talking points that can be expanded extemporaneously.
  2. A formal text to be read.

We also specialize in executive speech coaching (Speaker’s Prep™) to go before business forums in which their presentation is judged on their manner and style of speaking and whether or not they are articulate and informative. Judging executives is especially important when dealing with investors who may be individuals or institutions. It is also key when giving answers in a question forum. A speaker’s manner and demeanor often determine the regard and image of the business. Eiler’s speaker training services are focused on giving all types of audiences a positive image of your business.

We have done a range of talks for executives of emerging businesses such as Network Express, Machine Vision, Comshare and J. P. Industries, as well as for larger, established companies such as Honeywell, Unisys and the ProQuest predecessor, University Microfilms International.

A strong executive presence is paramount to achieving a sound position and regard for any emerging business. Our work with emerging firms helps them to present properly and be well-regarded for the ability to enunciate their firm’s position. We have done this work with such growing firms as Clarity, the Michigan Venture Capital Association, Crime Cog, Dynamic Computer and infoLAB.

This helps you sell by creating greater awareness of your business among a targeted group of buyers.

Web Site Content Development and Link Popularity
How will it help me sell?

There are two main pieces to any web site.

  1. The content, or front end.
  2. The internal workings, or back end.

We specialize in the front end – writing information about your markets, products to appeal to people who use the internet and go to your web site to learn what you do. Link popularity means we have links to other popular sites that discuss web site content development and tie us to other webs sites that use our clients’ press release services.

It is important to have PR involved in preparing this material to cover the right messages.

For Eiler, we combined a search engine optimization (SEO) initiative with new design and web site content to explain what PR is in terms of products and services. Our links to other sites help us reach broader target audiences.

For Dynamic Computer, we provided the text and organization for the company’s move into solutions selling of information technology products and solutions from being a computer reseller by partnering with Design-Hub, a specialty provider of branding and web services.

With the high desire to get information instantaneously, solid web content will help you reach people more effectively.

“Larry is plugged into very interesting companies and organizations. It is remarkable whom he knows and how he can help his clients achieve their objectives. His ability to understand a problem and develop a solution makes him a very valuable add-on member of any management team”

Gary Baker, Founder and CEO, Online Technologies Corporation