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Junglee Corporation

Client Background

Since its founding in 1996, Junglee Corporation has turned the mass of information on the Internet into giant databases of highly targeted, easily accessible content. Junglee links buyers with sellers, employers with employees and advertisers with consumers in ways never before possible. Leading Internet companies, including Yahoo, Inc. and Ziff Davis, have adopted its web solutions and over 120 companies, including Bank of America, Charles Schwab and Cadence, are currently benefiting from Junglee’s unique online recruitment solutions.


When Eiler Communications began work with Junglee, it was an unknown start-up eager to unveil its unique technology to the market. With limited customer references and minimal press and analyst contacts, Junglee’s main objectives were to form a company identity and to establish relationships with key industry opinion leaders. Eiler was active from the start, counseling Junglee on virtually every aspect of its operations, including the development of a strategic market positioning plan and a targeted public relations program.     


With its core technology applicable to many different industries, we quickly realized Junglee had the potential for rapid growth. However, in terms of developing a public relations campaign, Junglee’s flexibility posed significant challenges. Specifically, it left us with a myriad of choices in pursuing a PR strategy. The inherent danger in having too many choices is the possibility that the campaign’s key messages might end up muddled and diluted, not focused, as they must be. Moreover, because Junglee’s main business was providing a service rather than manufacturing a product, we were left with the additional challenge of promoting a concept. To overcome these challenges, we decided to introduce Junglee by reinforcing its strengths. We focused on the prominence of its customers and the impressive backgrounds of its executives. Our goal was for Junglee to gain immediate credibility with the press and analysts, diminishing the uncertainty of the company’s value to the market.


We built the initial stages of our Junglee campaign around a product launch tour.  Our goals for the tour were to introduce the company, explain its technology and forge long-term relationships with the press and analysts.  Because Junglee did not have a public relations program before working with Eiler, we worked with the company to create press kit materials, which included a new corporate identity program, a company backgrounder, a fact sheet, testimonials and biographies and abstracts of key executives.  We also spent a considerable amount of time giving media advice and counsel to Junglee executives. Concurrently, we developed and initiated an on-going press release campaign, designed to update the press and analysts on any significant announcements at Junglee.  One crucial release early in the campaign was a customer success story involving The Washington Post.  Subsequently, we released similar stories involving The Wall Street Journal and Westech Expo Career Services.  Research was another important tool in the Junglee campaign.  Through research we were able to explore new markets for Junglee to target, which were in line with the company’s growth strategies.  By involving Junglee executives in various vertical market tradeshows, such as Web Market East and the Very Large Database (VLDB) Summit, they were able to meet potential new customers and build awareness among influential leaders of these vertical markets.


The initial tour and on-going PR campaign were a success. The tour and various press releases generated significant attention in trade publications, easily outpacing Junglee’s competitors in the quality and quantity of coverage.  The various analyst reports the tour and follow-up meetings generated were an equally important achievement. Our campaign produced articles in many publications, including Seybold Group, Dataquest and Computer Letter.  Beyond these reports, Junglee established and strengthened relationships with influential analysts and reporters.  This fulfilled an important objective and was a vital component of Junglee’s future success.