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Speaking engagements and media relations helps Menlo Innovation attract new business

Client Background

Menlo Innovations is a software development and consulting firm formed by four former software development specialists and executives from businesses across Southeast Michigan. Each of the founders had experience in software development for 20 or more years when their companies were acquired, merged or failed. This left each without a job. The four men, determined to make their own way, formed a new business to serve existing companies. Menlo now provides assistance to companies whose internal staffs have difficulties in defining and completing software development and related technical projects.


Menlo joined the market at the outset of the economic downturn in 2000. The market was in need of the capabilities it provided. Companies needed more than ever to outsource such development and pay for results, instead of wasting time and money on unsatisfactory jobs.


Eiler needed to help Menlo attract area businesses that showed a high need for innovative software development at a reasonable cost.


Menlo managers hosted a series of seminars to teach their innovative “software anthropology” and “software factory” methodology. These processes appealed to IT executives in companies that were not achieving their desired results. These seminars complemented additional marketing techniques, which included wide-ranging PR efforts to reach corporate CEOs, CTOs and CIOs in need of Menlo’s services.


Menlo rapidly became well known in the regional IT business by providing results-oriented projects for clients who achieved results not previously attained. Regional media coverage and speaking engagements by Menlo managers attracted and built a broad base of clients, prospects and people who would be influential in buying the firm’s services. Media relations also garnered attention from national media, which led to a Forbes magazine cover story featuring Menlo CEO Rich Sheridan about software executives leaving their careers to form new businesses.