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Founded in 1987 to develop and market quality management and statistical process control software, Murphy Software is the industry leader in record keeping and reporting systems. It is the foremost provider of integrated quality management software solutions for the IBM AS/400. Murphy products are successfully implemented at processing and manufacturing plants in aerospace, automotive, chemical, consumer products, electronics, metal, oil, paper, plastic, steel and other industries worldwide.


Before Eiler Communications began working with Murphy Software in 1992, Murphy's advertising firm was acting as its public relations team as well. Although satisfied on the advertising front, Murphy felt the PR program was being overlooked and overshadowed by the advertising agency's larger clients. Murphy planned to announce a significant upgrade to its first product and wanted to partner with a PR firm that would remain dedicated and actively work to establish Murphy in its targeted niche markets.


Eiler's goal was to introduce Murphy to the market and concurrently establish Murphy's leadership position. As a relatively small company, Murphy needed to align its financial resources and spend them wisely. Eiler's first step was to establish a presence for Murphy in the trade press. Relevant media in the manufacturing, quality and vertical markets were identified and relationships were developed. Eiler researched and tracked editorial calendars to ensure that Murphy was included in relevant articles and buyer's guides. We initiated a customer reference program with case studies and significant information. We developed monthly "victory" press releases describing new customer successes to showcase the benefits Murphy’s clients received.


To create product and company visibility in leading industry trade publications, we used a concentrated editorial program and consistent press relations. A targeted database containing key media was developed and Eiler began introducing the media to Murphy and its products while also differentiating Murphy from its competition. We conducted customer interviews, giving us background for customer success stories. By writing four to six success stories a year and issuing a victory press release every month, Eiler was able to penetrate all of Murphy's target markets. Through this focused approach, Eiler is able to establish Murphy as an expert in its market.


Through consistent distribution of monthly press releases and success stories, Eiler established solid relationships with key media in the manufacturing, quality, and vertical markets. These contacts include IBM/AS/400, AS/400 Systems, Management, Managing Automation, Manufacturing Engineering, Midrange Systems, Quality Progress, Quality Digest, Quality in Manufacturing, and Quality. These relationships and the stories that resulted from them have been a core element in Murphy's marketing strategy and success in introducing new products and penetrating new markets. Eiler's PR program has resulted in stories in Midrange Computing's AS/400 Technology Showcase; a feature article in Chemical Engineering; a three-page feature article in Corporate Detroit and consistent placements in such key publications as Quality, Quality in Manufacturing, Midrange Systems, Automatic Machining, Quality Progress, American Machinist, Managing Automation, IBM AS/400, Food Engineering, The Quality Observer, Manufacturing Engineering, and AS/400 Systems Management.